About Us

hidden air conditioner is beautiful


Shanghai Guya Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., with 20 years of industrial experience and professional knowledge, is a leading manufacturer of air conditioning decorative pipe fittings. We specialize in providing GUYAAC air-conditioning decorative pipe fittings, known for their clear visual effects, super stable performance, and mature design, to customers worldwide.

By utilizing world-leading molding machines and adhering to the concept of “hidden air conditioner is beautiful,” we bring a minimalist and perfect performance to our products. Our craftsmanship aims to add glamour to architecture, providing our customers with distinguished competitive advantages.

The key advantages of Guya’s air conditioning decorative pipe fittings are their appreciation from different angles, infinite design possibilities, high precision, and unlimited combinations. Through various combinations, our design plans can solve all technical challenges in building construction, recreating a natural environment and shaping an interesting future with the aid of science and technology.